Charyl A. Fausel Fine Artist
Cheryl Fausel Water Colors and Mixed Media

Artist Statement

The Creative process is a combination of the internal or emotional impact on the external or visual concept. This is internalized through the intellectual or the emotional. All of these influences come together when creating a painting. When viewing a piece of work all of our experiences and emotions up until this moment play a role in how we will perceive the artistic creation before our eyes. A result of this process is the total subjectivity of the opinion of the viewer. As you take the time to view my work on this web site…it is my wish you will take something with you that will enhance your pleasure in the creative process.

My work is a continuously evolving development of form and color, the intertwining of nature and the abstract. Color is the light of my life and the foundation of my work. At the moment I am fascinated with the intertwining of realism in the abstract. I would hope that my paintings bring a feeling of enjoyment to the viewer.

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