Charyl A. Fausel Fine Artist
Cheryl Fausel Water Colors and Mixed Media



Reflected Flowers

The Runner

Reflections Of Zurich

Reflections of Zurich II

Burberry Meets East and West

Window On The World: Necksulm

View From The Top: Aix en Provence

The Mechanical Garden

The Three "A"s: An Alsation Artist

Blue Daze

Window Framed

White Roses In The Window

A Touch Of The Provence

Going My Way

Inside Looking Out Conversely Yours I

Inside Looking Out Conversely Yours II

Inside Looking Out Conversely Yours III

Inside Looking Out Conversely Yours IV

The Cared For Shoe

This Past Week

Playing The Passage

Stranger In The Night

The Magic Ring

Conversely Yours


Attitude With A Cap

The Green Hat

Maturing Of A Young Lady

The White Scarf

Old Men In Vienna

The Mysterious Door

Sunlight In The Morning

The Door To Aix

Egale  With Flag

Abstracted Egale

The A,B, C,s Of Light

A Message From The Garden


Just Dropped In I

Just Dropped In II

Just Dropped In IV

Midnight Blue

City Blues

City Flowers

Chardonnay II

Music In The Vineyard

Door Number Nine


A Hot Day In Italy

Moody Daze

A Stiff Shirt In G Minor

Lady In Green

The Green Heart

The Non-Relucctant Tourist

A Touch Of Europe

The Quiet Time

The Inner Santuary

It is Five O Clock Somewhere


Time is Running Out


There is A Bug In My Glass

Shack On Rum Quay

Chalet Suzanne

Daisies Are Fun

Roses In The Sunlight

Madonna Of The Night

Moutanin Blue

Where Is The Soup?

Thistle Down

Thistle In The Light

Blue Poppies

Red Tide Rising

The Red Experience

Passing Through The Moutains

The Green Pot




Carolina Breezes

The Red Forest


Remember The Diner

The Cat On The Bag

Market Day In Canobio

The Conference

Flocking Together

The Golden Lady

Red Is My Color

Where Are All The Roses

The Blues

The Intruder




There Is A Bug In My Bug

The Royal Purse II


The Blue Bag

A Provancel Afternoon

Floral In Loschwitz

Alpha Zula II

A Tribute To Albert Anker

A Tribute To Albert Anker II


Blue Eyes

One Step Forward

Für Élise

Signs Of Spring


Hanging Aroound


Golden Dreams


Lake Constance

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